People Who Do Versus People Who Judge

There are two types of people in this world:

People who do (Doers)


People who judge (Judgers)

Rarely is anyone both of these things.

Interesting people are doers.  They get things done.  They go for what they want in life unashamedly.  The work hard, take risks and put themselves out there.  This makes some people feel bad though.  These people are the…

… people who judge.  These are the people that stand on the sidelines.  They play it safe and are careful to do what’s expected of them.  They live a life just like most other people around them.


When a Doer achieves something great, a Judger looks to poke holes and deflate them.  They call the Doer “immoral” or “greedy”.  They call them “obsessive”.  They say that the Doer only cares about… money, success, women/men, fitness, spirituality… whatever it may be.  They say these things to feel better about themselves.

If a Judger can make a Doer look really bad and low then they feel better about themselves.  They can feel better about all of the actions they aren’t taking.  They can feel good and smart about the risks they don’t take.  They can live their average lives, watch their television, eat their unhealthy foods and do all of the things everyone else is doing.

There are many more Judgers than Doers so there is a feeling of safety in their numbers.

Not everyone can be a Doer.  It takes hard work, effort and worst of all… using your mind.

A Doer looks for better ways to do things and better ways to live.  They are reading books, scouring the internet, talking to and interacting with people that are doing better at the things they themselves want to do better at.

While the Judger is watching TV, the Doer is reading about how to grow.

While the Judger is complaining about their job, their boss or their commute, the Doer is looking for ways to expand their business interests.

While the Judger is planning a trip to Florida for a week, the Doer is planning to go to Southeast Asia for a month.


A Judger has time to judge the Doer.  The Doer is too busy improving their own life, becoming healthier, growing businesses, becoming more wise and collecting beautiful life experiences to ever care about what the Judgers think.

Which one are you?

When you see a Doer does your mind automatically look for ways to tear them down?…

or do you look to learn from this person to become more free like they are.

Every day this is your choice.



– D

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