Interesting People Never Accept Average


I’m sorry… this post is a little rough…

Interesting people never wish to be thought of as “average”.

Average is death…

The average person in the United States watches hours of television every day.  The average person never leaves the country.  The average person never reads or learns a new language.  They slowly get out of shape and decrepit.  They wait in lines, do as they’re told, and watch helplessly as other people do as they please and pass them by.  They behave well and are not any better for it.  They behave stupidly and are beaten down for it.

In a world of seven billion people, only excellence shines forth.

You don’t work out?  You don’t read?  You don’t constantly strive forward towards your goals?  You don’t really have goals?

Then settle back with the masses.  Work your “job”.  Put in your hours.  Wait for your weekends, eat garbage food and watch lots of television.  Maybe take a trip to Florida or a cruise to the Bahamas every once in a while.  The world needs mostly average people.  We need people to pump our gas and wait in lines.


Not everyone can shine brightly.

Being just average makes the truly interesting person sick.   They hold a deep yearning for more.  They need to achieve.  They need to constantly grow and forge themselves for something better, whatever that is.

They want the best in life.  They want it for themselves, their family and friends.  They aren’t happy doing the same thing everyone else is just because everyone else is doing it.

They ask questions.

Why is this popular?  Is it really good, or is there nothing to it?

Fads are good sometimes.  They can be fun.  Good things can me taken away from them.

Interesting people know what’s permanent though.  They see through the nonsense and put their time and energy towards that which matters.


If you choose a higher path then don’t be swayed by what everyone else does.  Set your own bar.  Set it high.  Know what you want in this life and don’t let the small mind around you sculpt your ideal life.

History is not written by average people.

A life worth living takes an above average focus.

Strive for more….

All the best,


Don’t be boring

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