Taking the next step…

Often in life we don’t know what path we should take.

We may know where we want to be or at least the general direction, but don’t know how or where to get started.

In situations like this the best thing to do is just take a step in the direction of what you want.

Want to start a business?  Do a little research online.  Talk to someone about it.  Read a book about it.  Research how you would put the pieces together.  Buy a website.  Look into the process of developing a product or putting your name on an already existing one (private label).

Want to make new friends or find a significant other?  Go out to places where people are.  Start a conversation with a stranger.  Find like-minded people online.

Want to get in shape?  Research diet and fitness.  Join a gym.  Do some push-ups.  Eat less (or more).  Etc…


Large goals are often very overwhelming.  If you are or want to be an interesting person you should have large goals.  We don’t always know how we can achieve those goals, but we can often think of some small things we can do related to those goals.

The interesting thing about taking small steps towards a goal is that more steps become apparent after your first one or two steps.  You learn more steps you can take.  You get better at them.  You meet more people that are on the same path as you or are further along.  You can learn from these people and compare notes.

Our brains are designed in that much of our learning takes place while we sleep.  You take an action today.  You go to bed.  Your brain rewires itself while you sleep.  The next day you’re a little more prepared than when you woke up the day before.

With anything in life that you want to achieve you need to take that first step.  You don’t need to know every step that you will take.  You just need to know the next one.  After that you just need to know the next one and so on.

Don’t let analysis paralysis paralyze you.  Take life one step at a time.

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