Interesting People Embrace Honesty

There is a strength to honesty.

Interesting people generally realize that life is too short to have to make up lies.  If you’re in a situation where you feel you have to lie then either you’re not in the right situation, or you did something wrong leading up to that situation.

You shouldn’t have people around you in your life that you feel the need to lie to.  They should either accept you for who you are or they shouldn’t play much of a role in your life.

When you lie you weaken yourself a little.  Instead of being in full alignment with who and what you are, you are swaying a bit.  It is a sign of weakness and a loss of focus.

Chronic liars also have to remember the webs of lies that they spin in order to keep them going.  This is distracting and can lead to further trouble.


Many people life out of laziness.  They lie because it is easy in the short term  Lying is almost always tougher in the long term though.  It is a way of putting things off.  It’s not standing up for what you believe in.  It is fear of being rejected or a belief in your own inability to truthfully navigate a situation.

If someone is honest all of the time their word holds value.  When they say things people believe them.  They don’t have to waste time convincing people that they’re speaking the truth.  Known liars have to waste time and energy proving themselves each time.

Just like anything though there are exceptions to any rule.  Someone that lied to escape Nazi Germany probably did the right thing.  In certain life or death situations it can make sense, but it should never be the norm.

Taking an honest approach to life if a better way to live.  If you choose to do or say something it should be because you believe it to be the right thing.  The right things shouldn’t have to be covered with a lie.

Honesty has power.

Embrace this power and make it your own.

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