Interesting People Keep Up With Politics

Interesting people pay more attention to politics than to celebrity gossip.

They vote in elections, including their local ones.

They have opinions on most political issues, but don’t shove them down everyone else’s throats on Facebook.

Boring people complain about politicians, but don’t even vote.  They say how crooked everyone is, but they don’t vote and know very little about who is running and for what office.

If more interesting people got out, paid attention to politics, and took part in the electoral system then politicians would have a much tougher time getting away with nonsense.  People don’t care, they don’t vote, so politicians get away with a lot more than they should.


An interesting person can have an intelligent conversation about most major world issues.  They can also do this with people of differing opinions without it leading to a heated debate.  Rather than getting upset with someone about having a different opinion they should at least appreciate the fact that this other person has some sort of opinion and cares enough for the future of their country, state, municipality to do so.

The most important point though is that an “Interesting Person” knows that regardless of the outcome of elections it is up to them to steer the course of their own lives.  For most people this has less to do with who wins an election and much more to do with the choices they make.

It is easy for a person to blame the government and a broken system for their own problems.  This is human nature.  People must take responsibility though and navigate whatever landscape is put before them.  No matter how bad things are, people have made great successes in even the worst of times.


I’m not presenting any of my own political ideas here other than the fact that I believe if more people paid attention, voted, and held politicians accountable on every level then our elections would look less like a circus, and more like choosing among our best and brightest to lead us into the future.

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