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Interesting People Don’t Have Bad Breath

One thing that I think is almost unforgivable in this day and age is having bad breath.  Sure a very small segment of the population has genetic deficiencies that add to it, but for just about everyone it can be controlled with some inexpensive supplies and good habits.

It is a terrible thing to be out talking to a really attractive woman who is fun and interesting, but has bad breath.  It is distracting at the very least, and completely repulsive at its worst.  In such cases I would typically offer gum and if they don’t accept it then I would insist.  If they still don’t accept it there is no choice but to walk away…

… but lets not let things get to that.

How to take care of your teeth and thus have nice breath:

Brush your teeth

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day.

    This should be obvious, but you should brush your teeth at least twice a day.  Once in the morning to clear up morning breath, and one at night to clean out your mouth of food and germs so that they do not fester, breed, and go wild in your mouth while you sleep.  Many people also brush after meals too, but I personally don’t do that as of this writing.  If you insist on only brushing once a day, brushing before bed is the most beneficial of all for overall oral health.

  2. FLOSS!!!

    Look how much I emphasize this one.  It took me many many years to start doing this one myself, but it really does make a huge difference.  I personally like the Oral B Comfort Glide Floss the best of any since it is silky smooth while doing a great job cleaning.  The biggest thing that kept me flossing was realizing how much gross stuff hides between your teeth even after flossing.  I usually brush then floss.  This might sound gross, but floss, and then smell the floss after.  If you’re not a regular flosser then the floss probably smells really nasty in some parts.  Even if you do floss regularly it still is gross sometimes.  Do you really want that lingering around in your mouth all day and all night long?  It certainly doesn’t help your breath.  Many medical experts also say that flossing is also one of the most important habits you can do for your health due to the dangerous bacteria that lingers in between your teeth.  Ever notice how if you don’t floss regularly that your gums may bleed?  This shows how close this bacteria is to your bloodstream and thus can get close to your heart and cause inflammation.  I floss once a day.  It takes about a minute.  If you do it habitually you won’t bleed and your breath will be much better, even in the morning after waking up.

  1. Use gum, not mints.

    I don’t understand how people use mints for the purpose of keeping their breath clean.  It is like spraying cologne on yourself instead of taking a shower.  It is worse since if the mints have sugar then they actually feed bacteria that cause bad breath.  No sugar?  Artificial sweetener has its own pitfalls.  I prefer gum because it actually cleans your mouth.  The gum and act of chewing it helps to remove food particles and some bacteria.  It keeps working also for as long as you’re chewing it.  If it does contain actual sugar, the act of chewing along with the production of saliva helps to clean out the sugar.  Gum makes all the difference in the world, even with people with poor oral hygiene.

Those are the big three.  If you do those things you should have excellent breath.  Some other things that help are to exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, use mouth wash, and use a tongue scraper.  I’ve never really used a tongue scraper.  Some people swear by them, but I brush my tongue with my toothbrush every time I brush my teeth.  Your tongue can often hold food particles and bacteria.  To test this, scrape near the back of your tongue with a paper towel and then smell the paper towel.  Germs hide everywhere.

Bad breath

Get in the habit of being aware of the state of your breath and being able to smell your own breath by exhaling in the air right in front of your face or in your hand and smelling it.  When in doubt, ask a friend.

You might have plenty of interesting things to say to someone, but with bad breath people may want to hear it, but won’t want to smell it.

Keep it fresh,


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