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Interesting People Have Faith

In almost any endeavor in which there is some level of success to be had, interesting people that achieve great things have one thing in common: FAITH

Whether it’s in winning a war, starting a successful business, or overcoming any sort of adversity, it is the people with the strongest faith that tend to win.

This can be taken spiritually or psychologically, the the effect is the same regardless.  When people have a strong level of faith they push past obstacles and challenges.  The keep moving forward on good days or on bad ones.

Maybe they believe in a higher power.  Maybe they have faith in their own abilities.  Perhaps they just have faith that if they keep trying, statistically they will succeed.  Regardless of what the faith is grounded in, it is a powerful forces which is the fuel for their success.  Without enough faith in their ability to reach the end goal they would quit before it is achieved.

Soldier with faith

History is full of people that had varying kinds and degrees of faith to achieve great things.  Joan of Arc was a just a young peasant girl, but led the French to victories in battle.  Alexander the Great believed so deeply that conquering the world was his destiny that he created one of the greatest empires in history and led the charge himself in many seemingly hopeless battles.  Winston Churchill told all of Britain to have faith even during the darkest days of World War II.  John D Rockefeller somehow knew that he would be wealthy well before he made his first million.  Steve Jobs had such a deep faith in the design of his products that he didn’t rely of focus groups to help create them.  The list of examples is endless, but without a deep level of faith founded in something, none of these people would be the great figures they are known as today.

Have faith in your goals.  Know what you want and even before you have a plan on how to achieve them, know that you can.  If you can only think of the first step or two that might take you to where you want to go, then take those first two steps and have faith that the next step or two will show up.  Just keep moving forward.  It was said that in the United States Civil War that General Grant was obsessed with only moving forward.  Even small progress is something and most things in life tend to build momentum.  The toughest part to rolling a boulder is to just get it started.  Once you get it moving it is easier and easier for it to pick up speed.  This is simple physics.

Find faith in your spirituality.  Read stories of people of faith.  If you’re not a spiritual person then read stories of people that overcame great odds or won through persistence.  This reinforces in your mind just how possible things are.  It also shows the power of persistence.  Sometimes it’s just the person that can hold on the longest in tough conditions that wins.

The universe seems to open itself up to people with great faith.  There seems to be magic in this.

Regardless of what you lose in life, faith is one of the few things that you yourself can decided to either keep or to lose.

One can only step forward into the unknown if they have faith that they’ll make it out on the other side.

Without faith the world is a much tougher and scary place.

It is hard to take action without faith.

No matter how harsh the storm.  No matter how uncertain the outcome.  Hold onto your faith and the sun will shine again someday.

Stay Faithful

– D


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