How Interesting is Your Friday?

For the interesting person every day is an opportunity for excitement and adventure.

That being said, Friday tends to be even more of an excuse to do something interesting or fun.

I am always surprised at the number of people I speak to that work all week long and then do nothing special for their weekend.  I am especially surprised when I hear this from single people.

By something “special” I don’t even mean anything too crazy.  It could just be going out to a bar, park, club, coffee house, or anywhere that has people and socialize a bit.  Something I don’t consider “special” would be going home and watching TV.  If you love television so much there are plenty of other days during the week to watch plenty of it and most shows these days can be recorded or replays can be found online.

Now if you work on the weekends this may be different.  I would still recommend that a single person look to go out and socialize a bit since weekends tend to have the most other people that are free.  The more people that are also free, the more people that you are likely to meet for friends or other relationships.  Maybe with your work schedule a Wednesday is your equivalent to a Friday.


We only get so many Friday nights in our life.  We especially only get so many ones where we may happen to be free to do something fun or interesting.

If you’re working or building a business or doing something important then maybe you have an excuse, but if you plan to do nothing or something that can easily be done on a Tuesday night then you are selling yourself short.  You are making excuses not to live an interesting life.  Under most circumstances, “being tired” is an unacceptable excuse in my book.

There was a time when the friends I had known for years were no longer interested in going out socializing and meeting new people.  These were were healthy single men in their 20s and they would rather hang out at one of the guy’s houses and play cards with each other.  I’m still pretty decent friends with most of these guys, but this was completely unacceptable to me so I went out and met new friends.

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It didn’t take long for me to have a completely separate social circle that was much more fun on the weekends and didn’t put up a fight from the mere suggestion of going out and talking to women.

We only get so many Fridays in life so embrace them.  If you’re healthy and have nothing major to do that can’t be put off until one of the other days of the week then you have little excuse.

Go out there.  Live your life, and Happy Friday.


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