Interesting People Don’t Get Upset Easily

I once heard that you can tell how important a person is by the size of the problems that upset them.  This is usually the case.  Small people get upset by small problems.

For the interesting person life is too short and the world is too big and interesting to get upset by most things.  They have too many more productive things to focus on and if a problem or situation arises they solve it if they can, and move on.

In Hong Kong if two people have a disagreement it is said that the first person to lose their temper loses.  Often people lose their temper when they feel as if they have run out of options.  Interesting people always have more options.  They see options and paths where the boring or normal person just gives up.

Getting upset is typically a sign of weakness.  Sure, negative motivation can work sometimes, but it usually just drains one’s energy and is not the most fun way to get things done.

The angry people in this world, including people who do the most horrible things such as bullying or even terrorist attacks are coming from a position of weakness.  They so desperately wish to feel strong that they lash out in a way that makes them feel powerful.  This is not true strength.  It is an act of desperation.

The best and most trained fighters in this world are much less likely to get into random street fights.  They are confident, feel good and have no need to prove themselves except for in controlled contests in the ring.

A strong confident person has a thick skin.  There have been a few times where someone told me that I was insulted by someone and asked me if I was upset.  I responded that I didn’t even notice.  “No harm, no foul” is my motto, and with seven billion people in this world I can’t run around caring about the opinions of each and every one of them.  It would drive me crazy and take away from my focus on building a life and enjoying it with those people that matter most to me.

Next time you feel the need to respond to something in anger, pause and ask yourself if that is the best response.  Choose the path of true strength.

Boring people get upset easily.

Interesting people do not.


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