We Live in a Perfectly Interesting Universe

*Note that this article will include some spirituality type talk.  While I’m also a man of science myself I study spirituality at the same time.  I’ll try to give examples and references on both the spiritual and scientific side of things.  In my opinion spirituality are things that we just haven’t learn to measure in the lab scientifically.*

I prefer to work six days a week and have Sunday a day of rest so I think maybe I’ll make my Sunday posts purely of a spiritual type to go along with that.

We get so hung up in the minute day to day activities of out lives that we often miss the bigger picture.

Sometimes in life we get a glimpse and a feeling of the way things work out on a larger scale.

We miss one opportunity to may way for a better one.

We face challenges to make us stronger to prepare us for greater things.

If it wasn’t for the struggle that we face we wouldn’t fully appreciate the victories and calm days for the gifts that they are.

Things tend to happen for a reason and sometimes it takes years or lifetimes to finally realize this.  What might be the bane of your existence one day, might really be the thing that leads you to your salvation down the road.

Don’t count yourself out until the dust has fully settled.  You might find some specks of gold in that dust.  Let things play out fully before you’re done taking score.  It’s not over until it’s over, and things are rarely truly over.

The greatest stories ever told are those with the most trials, tribulations, and heroes, and when it’s all said and done these are the ones that we remember.

We as humans have tunnel vision.  We are evolved as a species to see what is right in front of us and to react to that.  A saber toothed tiger is attacking us?  Run, hide, get away.  We’re hungry? Hunt or forage some food.  Maybe we had the foresight to store some.

Other than social connections we aren’t really wired to see the bigger picture and this acts against us and comes out in different way in modern times.  We often make a bigger deal about little things than we should and live much of our lives on the day to day level when we really should be building a life on the decade or nearly century level.

Our natural ingrained pessimism that exists to keep an animal from eating the wrong food or getting eaten by a larger more dangerous animal clouds us from the beneficial benevolent perfection of the universe around us and within us.  With the right focus and universal connection things tend to work out.  We forget this and easily fall into holes of despair, but life is not mean to be that of desperation, but universal abundance and creation.

Synchronicity happens all around us all the time.  The signs are all there, but we get so distracted on things that don’t matter that we lose touch of the love and creative consciousness that always surrounds us.

The more we remember the true nature of things, the more we are able to relax and focus more of our energies on enjoying the gift of reality that we have been blessed with.  The more we smile and reach boldly towards our dreams, the more that the universe unfolds for us and gives us what we reach for.

We live in a perfect universe.  Don’t let your limited imperfect perspective allow you to wallow in short term setbacks nor enjoy the greater masterpiece unfolding all around you.


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  • wordsoffall

    Reply Reply June 13, 2016

    Becoming words! Loved the way you described the universe and mediocre life, it still can be spruced up.
    Keep it up!

    • Thanks! Yeah it was sort of a late night ramble before going to bed. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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