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Let me begin this post by saying that earlier in my life if you told me that one day I would enjoy dancing and that many people would tell me that I’m a really really good dancer I would have thought you were nuts.  Being a pragmatic logical type thinker I never really found an appeal to the idea of spending time learning to dance and/or taking part in the activity.

This eventually changed when I started going out to nightclubs and found that dancing was a great way for me to meet and interact with women.

Many interesting people are able to hold their own on the dance floor.  I always think of the opening scene in the movie True Lies where Arnold Schwarzenegger engages in a sexy tango dance with Tia Carrere.  Look it up on YouTube.  Arnold is the pinnacle of cool in that movie.

It’s no fun to be the one at the wedding that while most people are having fun on the dance floor, they’re sitting at their table waiting for more food to arrive so they have an excuse not to dance.  Being “too cool for school” might sound cool in your head, but really you’re not having much of a good time.

Many people feel self conscious dancing on the dance floor when they have little experience doing so.  Keep in mind a few things.

  1. Few people are good dancers.  Very few.
  2. Even if you’re an awful dancer, 99.9% of people couldn’t care less.  Most of them are just happy to see other people out there having a good time.
  3. Even if they were watching you, they’re probably more concerned with their own dancing and just watching you for a few seconds.

I never actually took any classes, but by actually going out on dance floors, and watching other people I built up a decent base of moves and comfort level.

Maybe I will make a video for this site’s YouTube channel showcasing a few of the easy ballroom style moves I picked up that look pretty cool when executed.

Good news…

Very few people that actually go out and dance are actually good dancers.  They just go out and do it without giving much thought to it.  Additionally it takes very very little to be considered to be a good dancer.  If you just move around without doing anything too silly and toss in one or two extra moves people that don’t know you might actually think you’re good at it.

Some pointers…

When dancing by yourself it’s important to move your feet and not keep them planted in one spot.  You don’t have to do anything too crazy, just make sure your feet aren’t growing roots.  Look around and see what other people are doing.

You don’t really have to do anything with your hands.  You can keep them at your side or at right angles.  Sometimes I’ll point up in the air or pump my fist a few times during a part of a song I really like.  Again, you can look around and see what other people are doing.  They’re probably not doing much with their hands.

You can move your hips and shoulders around a bit, but not much is required.  Again, just look around and see what people are doing.

Dancing with a partner can be even easier since you’re sort of tethered in place and if you’re holding hands it further limits your movements.  Throw in a few spins and a dip here and there and you look like a pro.  If you’re especially ambitious watch a few dance competition shows on TV, especially the ballroom variety to learn a few extras.

I repeat: it takes very very little to be considered a good dancer!!!

A good habit to get into is dance around to music you like when by yourself at home or in a car.  Getting used to moving to rhythm gets easier the more you do it.

In conclusion

Fortune favors the bold.  Stepping outside your comfort zone leads to growth and feels good once you’re doing it.  You’re not being helicoptered into a war zone in Iraq, you’re just dancing around with other people, most of whom are in good spirits.

Like with most things, the first step is to decide that you want to be a person that dances.  Do the simple things I listed above and you will be “dance floor functional”.

Suck it up, have fun and maybe I’ll see you on the dance floor.



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