Why Every Interesting Person Should Study Martial Arts

Any and every interesting person should study martial arts.

There are countless benefits to doing so and I will mention some here.

If you still don’t have any interest in martial arts then you need to karate chop yourself in the head…

1. It’s a lifelong endeavor

I’m listing this one first in order to neutralize most the of reasons people may not pursue any martial arts studies.

One interesting thing about martial arts is that there are so many different types for so many different types of people.  They range from the relaxing and gentle art of Tai Chi that you may have seen elderly people practicing in a park to full contact cage fighting.

Throughout life one can always study some form of martial art more so than any other sport or physical activity.  Your method of study can vary with age and physical condition.  You can start mild and get more intense or the other way around.  Even toddlers in some countries are taught to stretch out to keep the flexibility that they are naturally born with to prepare for when they can start training.

Throughout life you can start and stop martial arts training depending on your schedule. I myself have done this throughout my life.  You can often pick up where you left off for the most part (although you’ll probably be a little rusty that first week or so back.)

2. It’s great exercise

The most tired and drained physically that I have ever been was after a grueling jiu jitsu class.  I can think of no other physical activity that works your strength, cardiovascular ability, flexibility, and mental fortitude.  To truly be a great martial artist you need to be fit in every way possible.

3. You can do them anywhere

It takes no equipment at all to shadow box (fight an imaginary opponent in the air).  Owning a basic punching bag allows even more training.  There are schools and classes all around the world with varying price points.  Even looking for YouTube videos from reputable sources and practicing what they teach can get you on your way.

4. It could save your life

By definition martial arts are the art of combat.  You never know when being able to fight can save your life when confronted with an unwanted attacker.

5. It could save a loved ones life

Just as you can protect yourself, with training you can protect others.

6. It builds confidence

Knowing how to throw a punch or block one is a much better feeling that having just seen other people do so in a Rocky movie.  Having performed a maneuver thousands of times in training gives you ownership over them.  Walking down the street knowing you can handle yourself instills a sense of calm and confidence and makes you feel like less of a target.

7. It builds discipline and inner strength

Martial arts can push you physically and always require mental focus.  To truly progress one must train and practice with high levels of repetition to own and master even the most simple techniques.

8. It gives inner peace

Most people that I know that have had a lot of training are the least likely people to get into a fight.  Maybe it’s insecurity that causes people without training to get in more fights.  Maybe people that train in martial arts just get most of the aggression out of their system.  Regardless martial artists almost always have a greater sense of inner peace than the average person.

9. It provides a path for spirituality

Many martial arts classes that I’ve taken have included yoga and meditation.  Martial artists learn to fight so that they don’t have to and a calmer mind is a more spiritual mind.  One reason that Shaolin monks train so hard is that they are physically able to meditate for hours on end without growing tired.

Many martial arts systems also teach about chi or ki energy flow in the body and some take it further teaching about deeper universal energies all around us.

In Conclusion

Martial arts training is one of the most beneficial and rewarding endeavors one can undertake.  I’m of the opinion that martial arts should be taught in our public schools for many of the reasons listed above.

If you’ve ever thought of training there is no time to begin like the present.  I’ve personally trained in different forms of karate, kung fu, kempo, aikido, jiu-jitsu, judo, muy thai, tae kwan do, and tai chi.  I think a good MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) school is a good place to start.  Experiment and see what works for you.  Most schools will offer a free class or even week of classes to allow you to get a feel for things.

Start today.  Winning starts with beginning.



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