Interesting People Don’t Compare Themselves to Others

Most people compare themselves to what other people are doing, what they have, what others want, or what other people think.

Interesting people don’t allow themselves to be limited or distracted by these things.

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Now don’t get me wrong; you can learn from others, and especially from those that have achieved things that you yourself want.  The problem comes from focusing too much on their situation and not enough on your own path.

Most of your attention should be on what you are doing.  It should be on your own goals and adventures.  Anything else is a voyeuristic distraction.  Look up from your path every once in a while to gain perspective, but then put your focus right back where it belongs: on your own missions in life.

Focusing on the successes of others, especially when they have achieved great things far beyond where you are today is overwhelming.  It can cause you to lose motivation and not even feel like trying.  They are so beyond you in these goals that you become paralyzed, demotivated and can feel helpless.  This is why you should look up, realize what is possible, and focus on where you are today to move in that direction.

Most other people are also small minded.  Just because they want something doesn’t mean you should too.  Maybe you should be focusing on something bigger: a nicer car or nicer house than they are.  Maybe you should be focusing on something different: Does it really make sense to own a house, when your ideal lifestyle may be to travel the world instead living in beautiful, but cheap (compared to the US) short term housing?  Maybe being married or being single is better for what would truly make you happy.  Figure out what YOU really want.

The worst thing to compare is your thoughts to those of others.  This is especially true when comparing to the thoughts of the masses.  The masses of people are not interesting and lead boring lives.  Most people think too small and too limited.  They do not share the thoughts of the most successful people in the world.  Be careful not to let their thoughts pollute your mind and take up mental real estate that should belong to thoughts of personal success and growth.


Put your thoughts on where you are today and know the direction of where you want to head.  Some people have likened the achievement of large goals as driving down a dark foggy road where your headlights can only see a short distance in front of you.  Keep moving forward along the little bit that you can see and once you get to that spot you will see a little more in front of you.  Continue doing this.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the fact that you can’t see the entire path.  In life you can never see the entire path.  Some people can just see a little further than others.  Just seeing a few feet in front of you is usually enough.

Each and every one of us is different and wants slightly different things in life.  What makes a satisfying and interesting life for one person is different from what will do it for another.  Other people are sources of data, but they are not us.  Learn from them what you can, but always be working on your own path.

Trying to drive on someone else’s road will almost always lead to a crash.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.  So step forward on your path.

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