Backpacking vs Suitcasing

Backpacking vs Suitcasing: What’s the Best way to Travel?

Many people love to boast about how they backpack around a country with just a tiny bag filled with the bare minimum. This is ok sometimes, but for most travel that I do it doesn’t make sense. In the video below from my YouTube channel I discuss why I usually choose to “Suitcase” through a…

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How to be funny

Humor is Interesting: How to be Funny and Stand Out from the Crowd

In any social gathering there are typically people that stand out and are the center of attention.  These people are usually the ones with a great sense of humor and make those around them laugh a lot.  It is like they instantly have a small audience around them wherever they go. Interesting people tend to…

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How to travel

How I’ve been Able to Travel So Much

This post features the first video on the new Most Interesting Life YouTube Channel! Watch the video below for the full discussion.  Here are the main points though: Everything starts with momentum.  To become a world traveler start with an easy, inexpensive trip to a nearby cheap country.  Work your way up from there. If…

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Don't reject yourself

It’s Never Interesting to Reject YOURSELF

It’s never interesting to reject yourself. This probably either sounds strange or obvious, but what do I mean here? Most people reject themselves all the time in so many ways. They do it because they don’t really believe it is possible to get the things they really want in life. Maybe you would be interested…

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Drink more tea


What would the Most Interesting Man in the World really drink a lot of? TEA! Tea is amazing! Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world besides water Even with the large amount of people in the United States that drink tea, it gets much attention than in many other places. Why is…

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Interesting Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up

“The things you own, own you.” – Tyler Durden, Fight Club Almost everyone has too much stuff. Whether you share a bedroom or own several houses, the odds are that you own a lot more stuff than you should and your life would be much better if you didn’t. Not too long ago I read the…

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Wild, but Disciplined!

An interesting life needs to skate the edge between wild bold excitement along with disciplined responsible focus. Everything in life needs balance. When driving a car you need a gas pedal and a brake pedal.  Without the gas you wouldn’t go anywhere.  Without the brakes you would crash or drive past where you want to…

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Feel Your Way to an Interesting Life

This post can be interpreted either spiritually or psychologically.  Feel free to interpret it either way since both work. Most people look to their outer world in order to determine how they feel.  They look to feel good by accomplishing goals, interacting with people, eating certain foods, going to certain places, buying certain products, etc.…

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The Interesting Few That Do, While the Many Watch

“The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.” – Jim Rohn There are many types of people out there in this world. There are many that react differently to the idea of living an interesting life. Some people are scared to do interesting things.  They live lives of fear seeking…

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Spark in life

The Spark of Life

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” Often the difference between an interesting life and a boring one is the cumulative effect of making more interesting choices in your life. By being a little more daring, taking more or bigger actions or being just a little more bold your entire life can turn…

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